About the Work

Focussing on the overlooked and uncared for in the streets around us, I employ graphic imagery to create works that allude to a timeless narrative on human hope, aspirations and dissapointments.
My current practice encompasses a range of media: painting, printmaking, photography, and drawing.

The single strand that runs across all my work is the need to create narratives that explore the potential for future change or life's past disspointments . The seemingly post-apocalyptic imagery, despite its complete absence of the human form, delibertely holds reminders of our existance: like a film sets between moments of action. The time is deliberately left uncertain, it could be a record of our recent past, the present or our potential future.

No image is intended to hold a single story, instead the narrative depends on us: on our own experiences or expectations. It may change depending on what we believe about the world we live in, on the stories we have heard, the places we have visted or even the films we have seen.

My influences are drawn from a wide range of sources: places I have visited; imaginary worlds I have encountered in works of fiction; films that have left thier own impressions, past artists (such as Dore, Piranesi, Ruskin and others); even archaeological and architectural writings. The images themselves are based around collages made from my own photographs, taken on research trips around London, the UK and abroad.