goodbye woolwich
goodbye woolwich

After a successful 2015, with two solo shows, I have spent the first few months of 2016 in total upheaval as I moved into a new studio in North London as well as trying to get my new studio ready in South West France.

As to my work I am currently working on a new series of paintings focussing on domestic spaces and the memories they can evoke - whether this is through a glance though a window or a gap in the wall that leads you into another place or memory. I find it fascinating that our personal or cultural memories (like a scene in a film that just doesn't leave you) can be influenced not just by sense of smell or taste but by the light or shadows perceived in a familiar seeming place or even a colour.

I am now looking for the venue for my next exhibition and will let you know as soon as avenue has been found.

If you would like to know more then send me an email to .